Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: The I-Just-Got-Back-From-Vacay-And-Haven't-Yet-Organized-Thoughts-For-A-Real-Blog Edition

Hey all! I don't have a fabulous vacay recap post for you (yet) - I was waiting til I had a chance to get some coherent thoughts together. I wasn't even going to post today, but I saw today's Ten on Tuesday questions and knew I had some decent answers, so here goes.

Here are today's questions, courtesy of Kyria at Travel Spot. You can also join up at Roots and Rings.

1. When you are on a plane and the kid behind you is kicking your seat, what do you do?
Believe it or not, this has never happened to me. I think I probably wouldn't do anything, but I can't guarantee that I would never take the passive-aggressive route and recline that seat so far back the kid's foot ricochets mid-kick and causes injury.

2. What food that you KNOW is bad for you and you shouldn’t have, but you love/eat it anyway?
Oh man, which one? Anything fried. Or breaded. Preferably both.

3. What is your favorite book of all time?
This is a tough one. As my twitter followers know, I read a lot. And fast. In fact, I've recently been lectured to like a surly teenager told by my parents in all seriousness that I read too much and should spend my time doing other "worthwhile" things. (Don't get me started.) In any case, if you asked me right now, I'd have to say my favorite book is Duma Key, by Stephen King. But it could change next week, next month, or tomorrow. I'm a book whore like that.

4. If I came to visit you in your town, where would we eat?For brunch, I'm partial to Michael's Genuine Food and Drink (ohhhh, double-yolk egg! *swoon*). Otherwise, I'll take the lazy way out and say CineBistro because it's awesome. Cheesy and not at all gourmet, but awesome.

5. You have 500 dollars and 40 minutes to spend it at any store you want. Where do you go?
Kate Spade. No question.

6. What blog do you read every day/the most often?
Top three would have to be The Bloggess, Attack of the Redneck Mommy, and Three Ring Mom. But a stellar up-and-comer on my Google Reader queue is Childhood Trauma: The Books that Ruined us for Life.

7. What’s the longest you’ve ever been stuck at an airport?Under "normal" circumstances, there was the time a 4 hour layover at Chicago O'Hare doubled due to snow. Otherwise, we can talk about the trials and tribulations of trying to get a flight out of Iraq.

8. What’s your daily makeup/face/cleansing routine?
I use a Neutrogena Naturals cleaner, follow up with a Neutrogena SPF-based moisturizer, then use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact Makeup and Pressed Powder. (Yep, I'm monogamous to certain brands.) If I'm not working, I'll put a little more effort into the routine with mascara, eye shadow, and gloss (all also Neutrogena, of course). I never leave the house without Vera Wang perfume, either - I even took it to the desert a few times.

9. Where is your farthest away friend?
Well, I know a lot of people who are temporarily in Southwest Asia ... and a few Twitter chicas Down Under!

10. Where is your favorite place to go hiking (or to enjoy nature)?
Le sigh. Just came from there: Virginia.